Week eight after the Corner Bar burns: From a neighbor’s perspective

By Kimberly Smith, Kimberly’s Boutique, Downtown Rockford

Looking out my window…

The photo’s I was referring to last week didn’t make the paper. So here are the bird’s eye view images. I thought these pictures of the inside of the building and all the rubble were depressing.

There haven’t been any changes that I’ve seen this week. We did see a black kitten in the rubble. Messaged Jeff and happy to report it was rescued.

I can only imagine that Jeff and Andy (owners of Corner Bar) have to be getting pretty restless about this demolition happening soon.

Like I’ve said this can be a long process. Waiting on insurance claims and dealing with all of that can take such a long time. I now know this myself from my own experience.

Everyone, especially Jeff and Andy want things in Rockford back to normal “business as usual”.

Were going to experience a beautiful Christmas here like we do every year. I know all the businesses are looking forward to it.