East Rockford Middle School water test returns with no PFASs detected

After the discovery of leather scraps near ERMS, well water at the school was sent for expedited testing for PFAS contamination. Last Wednesday, Dr. Shibler announced the lab results in the following letter:

I have received the analytical report from Rose & Westra, the laboratory assigned to test the water quality at East Rockford Middle School. I am happy to report that there were no PFAS detected in the water at ERMS. This is great news!

Beginning Wednesday morning, the water at ERMS will be reinstated and there will be no need to continue the use of bottled water.

As a precautionary measure, we have had samples of water from Cannonsburg, Crestwood, and Lakes elementary schools sent in for testing. The reason being, like ERMS, those three schools also use wells for water. I will notify you as soon as I receive those test results.

Thank you.


Dr. Michael Shibler

Superintendent of Schools