Exciting weekend for undefeated JV Water Polo

For the unbeaten JV water polo, the last weekend tournament of the season turned out to be one of the most exciting. Two of the games ended in ties and were decided by a 3 man shootout. Grand Haven hosted the “JV shootout at the shore conference championship.”

The weekend started on Friday, 10-13 with a game against East Kentwood. The rams jumped out to an early 7-0 lead after the first quarter and cruised to a 10-2 victory. Leading the scoring were Elijah Chino and Kyle Dedert with 3 goals each. Nate Hopkins, Hudson Verwys, Nick Deugaw, and Brenden Chaudoir each had one goal. Brenden Saur led the team with 3 assists.

Brenden Saur and Dakota Kramer led the defense with 4 steals apiece. Nate Hopkins had 3 steals. Boede Mitchell had 2 steals and Nick Deugaw added 1 steal.

Saturday started early with an eight o’clock game vs. Hudsonville. The game was close through the first three quarters until the rams outscored the eagles 4-1 in the last quarter to win the match 10-6.

Leading the scoring was sophomore co-captain Kyle Dedert with 5 goals. Sophomore co-captain and season leading scorer Elijah Chino had 2 goals. Freshman co-captain Brenden Saur also had 2 goals. Sophomore Dakota Kramer added 1 goal. Freshman Hudson Veryws led the team with 4 assists.

Verwys also led the team in steals with 5 followed by Brenden Saur with 4. Elijah Chino, Kyle Dedert, and Nick Deugaw each had 2 steals. Sophomore Boede Mitchell had 1 steal. Sophomore goalie and co-captain, Ben Schuchardt had 12 saves in the victory.

The JV’s next game was against host Grand Haven and for only the second time all season, the game ended in a tie. Unlike the last time this happen, this time it went to a shootout. In an overtime shootout, each team alternates with three different players going one on one from the 5 meter mark against the opposing team’s goalie.

Elijah Chino, Kyle Dedert, and Brenden Saur each made their shot to win the shootout 3-2. The final score was 9-8. Leading the offense were these three players, Chino with 4 goals, Dedert with 3 goals and Saur with 2 goals.

Brenden Saur led the defense with 4 steals. Nick Deugaw, Hudson Verwys, and Dakota Kramer each had 3 steals. Kyle Dedert had 2 steals.

The final game of the weekend was once again vs. Grand Haven. This one also ended in a tie but the overtime shootout took 3 rounds to determine a winner.

Leading the scoring was Elijah Chino with 8 goals. Kyle Dedert had 5 goals. Hudson Verwys, Brenden Saur, and Dakota Kramer had 1 goal each.

The defense was led by Dakota Kramer and Elijah Chino with 3 steals each. Brenden Saur and Nick Deugaw had 2 steals each. Goalie Ben Schuchardt also had 2 steals.

With the game ending in a 9-9 tie, it went to the 3 three man shootout. The first round ended in a 2-2 tie with Elijah Chino and Kyle Dedert both making their shots. Goalie Ben Schuchardt came up with a huge save for the tie. Round 2 also ended in a 2-2 tie with both Chino and Dedert once again making their goals. Round 3 saw Chino and Dedert both making their shots with the third shot going to Brenden Saur. The freshman stepped up and put the ball into the back of the cage to end the game with a 16-15 victory and the weekend championship.

The final game of the season had the Rams traveling to Portage for a non-conference game. The JV had no trouble with a mixture of JV and varsity players from portage in a 15-2 victory.

Ten different players scored for the rams with Kyle Dedert and Elijah Chino leading the way with 3 goals each. William Curelo had 2 goals. Nate Hopkins, Hudson Verwys, Drew Bargwell, Jackson Irwin, Dominic Galang, Cade Dorer, and Sam Radtke each had 1 goal. Cade Dorer and Elijah Chino led the team with 3 assists each.

The defense racked up a total of 24 steals with Hudson Verwys accounting for 7 of them. Trey Williams and Nate Hopkins each had 3 steals. Brenden Saur, Elijah Chino, Boede Mitchell, and Brenden Chaudoir had 2 steals each. Isaiah Baker, William Cureulo, and Drew Bargwell added 1 steal each. Goalie Ben Schuchardt had 4 saves and Goalie Logan Harris had 6 saves.

JV Coach, Craig Peterman had this to say about the 32-0 season. “It has been an incredible joy to watch and coach this team as they came together to accomplish something truly great. All the hard work and effort they have put in over the past 3 months has definitely shown. I am extremely excited to see where this team goes in the coming years.”

Congratulations to the 2017 JV water polo team for finishing the season undefeated. Congratulations also go out to the JV starting players who were moved up to varsity for the post season run for the state championship. They include: Sophomores Elijah Chino, Kyle Dedert, Dakota Kramer, Nick Deugaw, and Ben Schuchardt. Freshmen Brenden Saur and Hudson Verwys.