Week Ten after the Corner Bar burns: From a neighbor’s perspective

by Kimberly Smith

Kimberly’s Boutique, Downtown Rockford


This week from my window…

Progress! Almost three months later, the big bucket crane (I don’t know my big equipment terms) is here.

This monster doesn’t mess around. And they didn’t block the street off.  Bonus….

So the owners Jeff and Andy  are hoping to be reopened by this summer. As neighbors were looking forward to this redevelopment.  I’m sure it will be amazing.  I was fortunate to get a sneak peak at their plan.  It’s going to be beautiful.  Here at Kimberly’s (next door to Corner Bar) we are over flowing with fantastic winter apparel and accessories.  All of Rockford’s businesses are ready to serve you and meet your needs for this holiday season.

Lets keep Rockford thriving and a must see destination, for all of West Michigan.