East Rockford Middle School October students of the month

Emily Pittman (6th Grade) is in the Health Quest magnet at ERMS.  She is the daughter of Christina and Brad Pittman.  Emily has a brother Jack and a dog named Leia.  Emily attended Crestwood Elementary school for her elementary years.  Her hobbies include: gymnastics and jump rope.  Her favorite class is math and she feels it is her best subject.  Emily says one of the best things about East Rockford Middle School has been meeting new people and making new friends.  Emily’s favorites include: the color teal, eating pasta, the books and movies of the Harry Potter series and listening to music.  She is a Grand Valley fan and would like to be a fitness or personal trainer.  The person Emily admires the most is Simone Biles because of her gymnastic talent, her story and that she never gives up.  She is most proud of her gymnastics ability, work ethic and that she is pretty organized.

Tyler Bockheim (6th Grade) is the son of Jeni and Bill Bockheim and is in the Earth Keepers magnet at East.  He has a sister named Abby who is 15 and a dog named Ollie.  Tyler attended Lakes Elementary prior to coming to ERMS.  In his free time he enjoys playing sports and playing with his dog.  Tyler’s favorite class is math because he enjoys learning math methods and procedures.  His other favorites include his favorite meal; steak, the color teal, listening to pop music, the book Out of My Mind and the move and Central Intelligence.  Tyler would like to attend the University of Michigan or Ferris State.  His career goal is to get a good job and have a family. His dream vacation would be to go to Italy.  The person he admires the most is his Papa and he feels lucky that he gets to spend a lot of time with him.  He is most proud of himself for receiving this honor of Student of the Month.

Wren Bennie (7th Grade) is the daughter of Kim Cridler and Bill Bennie. She has one sibling, her brother Burr.  She has many pets which include a dog named Gus, three ducks and 24 chickens.  Wren attended MeadowRidge Elementary before coming to East.  In her free time Wren enjoys reading, playing the piano, playing cello, showing her dogs and chickens, drawing and collecting insects.  Her favorite class this year is orchestra as she enjoys playing her cello.  The helpful and nice teachers at East are one of the best things about East according to Wren. Wren’s favorite food is quiche and her favorite color is blue.  Her favorite book is Chain and she is a fan of the University of Wisconsin.  Her future plans include studying to be an Entomologist.  The person Wren admires the most is her mom because she creates beautiful sculptures, is a great cook, and works incredibly hard.  Her proudest moment was winning first place at the Kent County Youth Fair Dog Show with her dog Gus.

Trey Kliewer (7th Grade) is the son of Doug and Christie and has two older siblings; Corrin and Bryce .  Before attending East, Trey was a Cougar from Crestwood. Trey’s hobbies include participating in both crew and band and he also enjoys gaming.  Band is Trey’s favorite class for two reasons the people in the class and because he enjoys making music.  In Trey’s opinion the best thing about East are the people.  He has found them to be kind, smart and accepting.  Trey’s favorites include: the color green even though he is a Michigan fan, pizza, salmon, classical music.  His future plans are to become an aerospace engineer and design space ships.  His dream vacation would be to go to Vegas.  He admires the woman from the movie Hidden Figures as they used their intelligence to solve problems.  Trey is most proud of taking first place at the Odyssey of the Mind World competition.

Juliet Alcala (8th Grade) is the daughter of Christina and Greg.  She has an older sister Gabby and a younger sister Adrianna who is in 7th grade at East.  Juliet has two pets; a dog named Athena and a cat named Annie.  In her free time Juliet swims for the Rockford Riptide swim team and plays water polo.  Juliet plays the flute in the ERMS band and band is also her favorite class.  According to Juliet, the best thing about East is being able to hang out with her friends while at school.  Juliet’s favorite color is teal and her favorite food is Kraft macaroni and cheese and apples.  Her favorite book is The Book Thief and she enjoys listening to all kinds of music.  Juliet is not sure where she would like to go to college but she thinks she would like to go to school somewhere in NYC because she loves big cities.  The person Juliet admires the most is her older sister Gabby because she is always there for her and she is always there to help her.  She is most proud of her grades and her participation in swimming.

Trevor Baylie (8th Grade) is the son of Terri and Rich Baylie.  He has many pets and they include; a dog named Blake, two hamsters and a fish. Trevor attended MeadowRidge Elementary school and enjoys playing soccer in his free time. His favorite class this year is Band as he enjoys playing the drums.  According to Trevor, the best thing about attending East is being part of the band and the elective classes he is able to take.  Trevor’s favorite color is green and his favorite food is chicken cordon blue.  He enjoys the Survivors book series and is a MSU fan.  His future plans include becoming a soccer player and taking a vacation to Illinois.  When asked who he admires the most Trevor replied his parents as they have helped him become who he is today.  Trevor is most proud of his grades and having all A’s.