Rockford’s Most Wanted is most thankful for community’s help

The entire Rockford community stepped up to pitch in last Thursday, November 9th, to help get local fugitives out of jail by posting over $7000 in bail money!  Rockford’s Most Wanted List included over 18 outlaws, including, Rockford Schools Superintendent, Dr. M. Schibler, Assistant Superintendents, Dr. R. Kelly and M. Cuneo, RHS Principle Dan Zang, Assistance Principle, Adam Berkholder, and many others!
Special kudos to Rockford’s beloved Coach Brent Cummings, who cleverly used Family Access to alert his students of his impending imprisonment, was the bail fund leader which enabled him to also post bail for the Rockford RAM and several others whose bail pools were short.

The fugitives were detained at Uccello ‘s and spent their time behind bars making phone calls to collect the $500 bail needed to be released! Many, many family and friends stopped by to drop off money or stay and join in on the fun. Uccello’s offered great food and drink for all, and committed 15% of all sales that evening to the Sports Boosters fundraiser!

Rockford’s Most Wanted bail monies will go toward the Rockford Sports Boosters’ efforts to support Rockford programs for student athletes. Recent Sports Booster projects include training equipment for our State Champion Water Polo teams, new concussion-safety helmets for our Men’s LAX team, and time/training clocks for our Ski Racers.

The Rockford Sports Boosters extend a big thank you to all of our volunteer fugitives, and all the friends and family and community members who donated to the bail funds and who came to support such a fun event!  Many thanks to Cell Block Uccello’s for providing a secure and savory holding pen for the event, and for their generous support in also sharing a portion of their proceeds for the evening!

The event was such a success that we actually have volunteer fugitives asking to be “taken into custody” during the next round up!  Ho Silver!

If you donated to RMW and did NOT receive a tax deductible donation receipt, we are happy to provide one! Please email us at: