Week 14 after the Corner Bar burns: From a neighbor’s perspective


Kimberly’s Boutique, Downtown Rockford


The view from my window…

A snowy sight is what I see from the intersection in downtown Rockford. Still everyday people are saying, “When is Corner Bar going to reopen? Wonder what it’s going to look like? I miss going there! Will they have the hot dog wall of fame back?”

These are all questions you can ask them on their Facebook page. They are great at responding to your questions. I can tell you the new building plans looked fabulous to me!

Remember to support all the local businesses in Rockford this Christmas. Everyone is here to serve you, and help you find that perfect item for that special person. Help the community keep Rockford thriving and vibrant all year round.

Enjoy the beauty of downtown Rockford. Shop, eat, stroll, and smile! Be proud of your downtown, I certainly am.

Merry Christmas everyone!