Pederson Funeral Home joins forces with Storypoint in honoring our flag

Residents at StoryPoint gathered together to honor our flag by attending an historical presentation sponsored by Pederson Funeral Home. “What better way to observe November as Veteran’s Awareness Month than by honoring our flag?”, said Tim Plaisier, owner of Pederson Funeral Home. “Under our great flag, thousands of men and women have lived and died. Honoring ‘Old Glory’ is a tremendous way to remember and honor those who died for our freedom.”

Part of the presentation included a touching rendition of the meaning behind the 13 folds of the flag, including the first fold representing the symbol of life itself. “Our flag has flown for nearly 250 years and has an incredible history”, said Sharon Landman, Business Development Specialist of StoryPoint, “and we were pleased to be a part of honoring our great veterans.”