Letter to the Editor: To err is human…

Dear Editor,

We certainly can relate to several homeowners in our area, that have been quite disappointed upon discovering, that their precious well water is contaminated.  However, we have a hard time to fully understand the fierce anger voiced by others facing the same predicament – excepting one scenario.  Why not attempt to be realistic?

Prior to the implementation of more stringent regulations concerning the dumping of trash, both our local governing officials, and manufacturers allowed, and deemed it expedient to dump by-products from the fabrication of merchandise at certain convenient sites, allocated by its respective land owners.  In other words, it takes 2 to tango.  In times of rampageous litigation, it behooves us to use common sense, and appreciate Wolverine’s correctly laudable action in trying to alleviate the burden inadvertently imposed upon locals.  Having been participant in causing unintended discomforts, possible illnesses, and other financial ramifications, Wolverine has taken admirable steps to soften the impact. Thanks!

Even though my perspective may be debatable, so might be mentioned ire in view of certain consequences regarding former ways of unloading rubbish.

Nevertheless, we ought to always keep in mind: errare humanum est!

Presently Wolverine has also our well water tested – pro bono.  Thanks so much.  Awaiting the outcome, we remain focused.

Lambertus Smelik, Rockford