The first day of our cruise: Go to sleep off Italy, wake up in Greece

From our ship, the Norwegian Spirit, we could see the City of Civitavecchia, the Rome Port. We also noted this interesting ship. I guess you wouldn't lose track of what boat you need to return to after a day's excursion.

Travel series part two

By Beth Altena

The cruise we (Editor Beth and husband Bill) went on was a ten day trip with only the first day at sea. Being at sea was not at all boring. We had views of Italy the first day, a lovely sunset and an amazing view of this volcano. The ship captain announced we were passing it as dusk arrived. On our return back we sailed past it in the dark of night.


We sailed past Italy during the first day of the cruise and overnight entered the area of Greece. You can see the change in the landscape and styles of homes. We saw numerous archeological sites on day trips, one a ruin believed to be eight thousand years old. In Greece, there has never been much in the way of timber, our guides said, so buildings were made of stone. An upside of that is that the ruins remain for thousands of years.


Next you can see pictures of our first stop, Mykonos, Greece and the ancient City of Delos on a nearby island. Find out why I think Greece has a cat problem.

Merry Christmas, everyone!