McGovern on Chamber: ‘We are not looking back, we are looking forward’

Closing comments from annual luncheon


Rockford Chamber President Michael McGovern closed the organization’s annual State of the Community luncheon by talking about the past year and the state of the Chamber.

“Thank you all for attending. We’ve had a little bit of a tough year but we’re not looking back, we are looking forward.” McGovern said the Chamber staff is doing a wonderful job and the new hire this year, Megan, was brought in as a part timer but now moved up to full time.

“Thank you to the Chamber staff, you do a great job, whether it is time or talent, when we need it you step up.”

He said the City’s September hire of new City Manager Thad Beard reestablished a major component of the community and restored the “three legged stool” (City, Chamber and school). “It’s nice to have him here.”

He said the golf event this past year allowed the Chamber to give out three scholarships instead of the normal two. Each is $1,500 to students pursuing a trade career. “If we continue we’ll be up to four, five or six scholarships.” The Santa Parade was incredible this year, the “best ever of any parade” in Rockford.

The town, McGovern said, is a community with a capital C. “We are a modern day Normal Rockwell” community, and you all support that.

The Chamber is up to 323 members this year, making it one of the leading Chambers in West Michigan.

“Keep fighting the good fight. Keep up the grit and look forward to a great 2018.”