Speese Painting: Continuing a legacy

Founder Dave Speese passing ownership to long time employee John Strang

Dave Speese and John Strang at John’s wedding in 2013

From Celebrating Speese Painting’s 40th anniversary in 2017 and a new office location in Rockford, Speese Painting Co. LLC, now is proud to announce new ownership. Founder Dave Speese will be passing his legacy to longtime employee and friend, John Strang. John, or as Dave calls him “Johnny,” has been employed by Speese Painting since 2006.

The following is a letter from John Strang:

I am honored to continue what Dave started 40 years ago.  When I started with the company I was just a teenager and I didn’t know what I didn’t know. I was a young kid, “not knowing a hammer from a screwdriver”, as Dave would say.  Throughout the years I undoubtedly gained his trust with my hard work and dedication to the company and our customers. Trust was always a big part of our relationship, as it should be with any relationship. Dave was my mentor and still is today.  I started working for Speese Painting when I was 19 and grew up with Dave’s constant critiquing and advising on life’ choices. He always told me to do the right thing, even when it’s more difficult or unpopular; not just in my personal life, but in business as well. Consistency is what defines a professional. 40 years in business Dave has seen a lot of painters come and go. It takes a lot of discipline and attention to detail to give the same service the same way every day. It takes a certain type of person to do that. Dave and I have always been on the same page in that regard. Having all employees instead of subcontractors was always very important to Dave. Giving savings back to customers when we could was a top priority for the company. Dave was extremely active in the community and ran his business based on honesty, values, and morals.  Few people my age understand that problems are opportunities and that if

Dave Speese

you work hard and do the right things in life, you will persevere. Of course, life will always throw bad things your way without your control, but it’s how you react and learn from those events that make you grow as a person.  I am very fortunate to have Dave as a mentor and friend. He now gets to step back and enjoy the years to come.  He has made such a great impact in my life and my family’s life. I hope to make him and our customers very proud going forward.

Dave will still be very much involved with Speese Painting from providing estimates, continuing to build customer relationships and of course, being my mentor.  Speese Painting will remain “Speese Painting”.  Everything that Dave has tirelessly put into this company starting back in 1977, will continue on, into the future.  We will continue to put our hearts into all that we do here.


John “Johnny” Strang