Student overcomes adversity, earns big scholarship

Mark Hamler couldn’t be more proud of his son Benjamin Hamler, 18, of Rockford. He said Hamler, a senior at Rockford High School, has been awarded a National Honor Society scholarship for college courses while studying Engineering at Kent County Technical Center.

After earning Student of the Month at KCTC, Hamler said Benjamin received a letter in the mail. They thought it would be recognition of the Student of the Month award, but instead it was notification of an $8,000 scholarship to Ferris State University.

Hamler said the significance of the scholarship is even more amazing because Benjamin has struggled to work through extreme dyslexia and has been in a special program since third grade. Mark said it has been very tough, and even the act of learning to read was a major process.

Two years of one on one tutoring, by a woman working through a now defunded program, made a huge difference. Hamler said ten years ago his son couldn’t read at all, but the tutoring helped him overcome this hurdle.  Mark thought sharing this story of overcoming such an obstacle would be inspiring to others who suffer with this disorder.

“He is so humble he didn’t want to tell anyone about the scholarship. So many kids have dyslexia, this proves you can overcome this.”