School Beat: Jump Rope For Heart

By Mike Westgate – Cannonsburg Elementary Principal

Once again this year, the Rockford Public Schools’ elementary physical education teachers are pleased to announce our participation in Jump Rope For Heart. The annual event has students jumping to raise money for the American Heart Association (AHA). In the past 24 years, the Jump Rope for Heart event in Rockford has raised over $350,000 for the AHA.

Some changes are coming to this year’s event. In the past, the final event was held at the high school on a Saturday for students who chose to participate. In order to get more kids jumping, the event will be done individually at each elementary building with their own P.E. teachers. All students will come to class and participate in jump roping skills and contests whether or not they are fundraising. Many students who had their own Saturday sports were missing out on the event in the past.

Jump Rope For Heart has students jumping to raise money for the American Heart Association

In addition, they have expanded the fundraiser from 3rd through 5th grade students and have now added 2nd grade as well. This is also to increase participation and give more students the opportunity to take part in this great time of exercise and fun.

More specific details about the nature of Jump Rope For Heart will be given in each child’s (2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades) P.E. class. At that time, kids will receive a permission slip to bring home, which will spell out the time of the event and the prizes that are available to kids, based on the amount of money raised. Rockford Public Schools is excited to offer this opportunity again this year!

For more information, you can contact your elementary P.E. teacher.