Officer Jason Bradley recognized for time in DARE program

Officer Jason Bradley

Bradley moves to new position after teaching thousands of children on safe decision making


On December 18, 2017, Officer Jason Bradley conducted his final DARE graduation ceremony at Crestwood Elementary School.  This occasion marks the end of over four years as the Rockford Department of Public Safety’s DARE officer. Officer Bradley is moving on to a different position within the department.

During his tenure in DARE, Officer Bradley taught over 3,200 fifth graders and 4,000 seventh and eighth grade students the DARE (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) curriculum.  Rockford offers the program in all eight public elementary schools, two parochial schools and both public middle schools.

The DARE program focuses on educating students about the dangers of drugs and alcohol and providing them with realistic resistance strategies.  A strong emphasis is put on making safe and responsible decisions and encouraging students to respect themselves and others.  During ten weeks of DARE lessons, students discuss drugs, alcohol, tobacco, bullying, Internet safety and the DARE Decision Making Model.

As a daily presence in the schools, Officer Bradley provided a positive and professional example of law enforcement for the students. Through use of the DARE box, students were able to ask questions or voice concerns about things going on in their lives. At the conclusion of each semester, students write a DARE essay to display what concepts from the program impacted them.

“It’s remarkable to hear how many students mention Jason Bradley by name in their DARE essays. We are very proud of the impact he’s had on this program and the kids,” said Lt. Dave Robinson.

Traditionally, the department rotates officers into the DARE position every 3 to 4 years.  Officer Bradley will be returning to day shift road patrol and acting as the City’s fire marshal and arson investigator.  Officer Ian Graham will be taking over the DARE officer position in January of 2018.