Rams Swimming season begins with achievements

The 2017-18 Mens swimming season started Dec. 16th in Grand Haven with the annual West Michigan relays. Fourteen teams competed this year including Byron Center, EGR, E. Kentwood, Forest Hills Central, Grand Haven, GR Christian, Grandville, Hamilton, Holland West Ottawa, Hudsonville, Jenison, Rockford, and Zeeland.

The results for the Rockford men were as follows:

  • 400 yd. Medley Relay: 2nd Team of Conner Dedert, Sean Martella, Jacob Newberger, and Jack Sikkema.
  • 200 yd. Breast Stroke Relay: 1st Team of Paul Sikkema, Dwight Hua, Derek Zahnleuter, and Sean Martella.
  • 500 yd. Freestyle progressive Relay: 8th Team of Spencer Nestle, Joshua Corder, Kyle Arend, and Zach Burns.
  • 4 x 100 IM Relay: 7th Team of Dwight Hua, Paul sikkema, Sean Martella, and Logan Lovall.
  • 200 yd. Butterfly relay: 3rd Team of Colby Webster, Joshua Corder, Conner Dedert, and Jacob Newberger.
  • 800 yd. Freestyle relay: 8th Team of Jack Sikkema, Kyle Arend, Logan Lovall, and Zach Burns.
  • 200 yd. Backstroke relay: 8th Team of James Bird, Ben Schuchardt, Gavin Saur, and Colby Webster.
  • 400 Freestyle Relay: 10th Team of Zach Burns, Spencer Nestle, Joshua Corder, and Logan Lovall.
  • 200 yd. Medley Relay: 6th Team of Conner Dedert, Derek Zahnleuter, Colby Webster, and Paul Sikkema.
  • 200 yd. Freestyle Relay. 2nd Team of Jacob Newberger, Kyle Arend, Spencer Nestle, and Jack Sikkema.

Overall, Rockford Finished 5th out of the 14 teams.

The first conference meet of the year was held on Dec. 19th with Rockford at home hosting Jenison. Rockford won the meet easily.

The results for the Rockford Swimmers were as follows:

  • 200 yard Medley Relay: 1st Place
  • 200 yard Freestyle: Jacob Newberger, 1st Zach Burns, 2nd Place. Logan Lovall, 4th Place.
  • 200 yard Individual medley: Paul Sikkema, 1st Sean Martella, 2nd Place.
  • 50 yard Freestyle: 1st Place: Jack Sikkema, 2nd Place: Conner Dedert, 3rd Place: Spencer Nestle.
  • 100 yard Butterfly: 1st Place: Jacob Newberger, Colby Webster: 3rd Place, Gavin Saur: 4th
  • 100 yard Freestyle: 1st Place: Jack Sikkema, 3rd Place: Spencer Nestle, 4th Place: Derek Zahnleuter.
  • 500 yard Freestyle: 2nd Place: Zach Burns, 3rd Place: Logan Lovall, 5th Place, Elijah Chino.
  • 200 yard Freestyle Relay: 1st
  • 100 yard Backstroke: 1st Place: Conner Dedert.
  • 100 yard Breast stroke: 1st Place: Paul Sikkema.
  • 400 yard Freestyle Relay: 1st

In the diving, Austin Hintz took 2nd Place and Josh Vickery took 4th place.


After 2 weeks of two-a-day practices over Christmas break, the men hosted Grand Haven, Jenison, and 3rd Ranked in the State, Saline High school at the Rockford Invite on January 6th.

In the first event, the 200 yard medley relay, the team of Conner Dedert, Paul Sikkema, Jacob Newberger, and Jack Sikkema finished just ½ second behind Saline for 2nd place with a time of 1:39.83. The time was good enough however to earn Rockford their state cut in the event. The relay team of James Bird, Sean Martella, Colby Webster, and Spencer Nestle placed 5th.

In the 200 yard freestyle, Jack Sikkema finished 2nd. Zach Burns placed 5th, Logan Lovall placed 10th, and Ben Schuchardt placed 13th.

In the 200 yard Individual Medley, Jacob Newberger took 3rd, Paul Sikkema took 5th, Sean Martella took 11th, and Gavin Saur took 13th.

In the 50 Freestyle, Conner Dedert placed 3rd with a personal best of 22.45. Kyle Arend placed 5th with a personal best of 22.81. Spencer Nestle placed 6th, Derek Zahnleuter placed 10th with a personal best of 24.52. James Bird placed 11th, and Garrett Andrews placed 16th with a personal best of 25.82.

The 100 yard Butterfly saw Jacob Newberger take 2nd place. Colby Webster placed 8th. Elijah Chino placed 12th with a personal best. Dwight Hua placed 13th and Nate Hopkins placed 14th each with a personal best. Gavin Saur placed 16th. Liam Smith placed 19th with his personal best.

In the 100 yard Freestyle, Kyle Arend took 3rd place, Spencer Nestle took 8th and Zach Abberton took 17th.

The 500 yard Freestyle had Jack Sikkema with a personal best of 5:06.31 for 2nd place. Zach Burns placed 6th. Logan Lovall placed 8th with a personal best. Ben Schuchardt placed 15th.

The 200 yard freestyle relay saw another close race with the team of Conner Dedert, Spencer Nestle, Paul Sikkema, and Kyle Arend taking 2nd just .17 seconds behind winner, Saline High School. The relay team of Dwight Hua, Sean Martella, Gain Saur, and Derek Zahnleuter placed 8th.

In the 100 Backstroke, Conner Dedert placed 2nd with a personal best of 55.26 which was good enough to make his state cut in the event. James Bird placed 5th. Drew Bargwell placed 13th. Garrett Andrews placed 14th and Trey Williams placed 17th, both with a personal best.

The 100 yard Breast stroke saw Paul Sikkema with a 5th place finish. Sean Martella placed 6th, Dwight Hua placed 7th and Derek Zahnleuter placed 8th.

The final event of the day was the 400 yard freestyle. The team of Jack Sikkema, Zach Burns, Kyle Arend, and Jacob Newberger placed 4th. The team of Logan Lovall, Colby Webster, James Bird, and Zach Abberton placed 8th.

The day ended with Rockford taking 2nd behind meet winner, Saline High School.