Rockford Area Historical Society News and Updates for 1-18-2018

By Terry Konkle – President

The last “Nugget of Rockford History” was a question about who holds the key to what happens in the future according to a poem entitled “LIFE” which was used by Rockford historian, Homer Burch, at the start of his book “From Sawmill to City”. The following are the three verses as they appear in the book:


 And life is a story

In volumes three;

The past, the present,

And the yet to be.

The first is now finished

 And layed away,

 The second we’re writing

Day after day.

The third and the last

Of these volumns three

Is locked from our sight

And God keeps the key.

Dave Baker, Carole Holden Christensen and Lee Paull contacted me with their answers, and I appreciate their efforts and interest. Lee, who was a student of mine, also mentioned that he had learned a lot in my English classes and used his knowledge to find a grammatical error in one of the sentences I wrote. When I checked back, I was so proud of him for being correct. Thanks Lee!

Here is a new “Nugget”. Take a close look at the postcard photo in this column. It shows a wagon with a team of horses and two passengers. The word “Rockford” shows clearly on the side. One of the men in the wagon is B.D. Hunting who has written on the back of the card the following: Rockford, Mich-3/21/11. Dear Sir, I am sending you a picture of my outfit we have just started. Would you like to represent me out of your town? Respectfully B.D. Hunting. The postcard was sent to: Geo Cunningham, Edmore, Michigan. Readers can answer either one or both of these questions: (1) what was Mr. Hunting selling? (2) What business did Mr. Hunting have in Rockford at that time which was separate from the one shown on the card?

Contact me by email using or by phone at 616-866-0530.

The Rockford Area Museum (RAM) had, as part of their Christmas display, many Christmas puzzles of various sizes all framed and in color. Because of the interest shown in them, they will remain up through the end of January even though the other decorations have come down. Stop in and view them!

Please feel free to contact me with questions, ideas, comments, suggestions and as always corrections. Have a great week!