Rockford Area Historical Society News and Updates for 01/25/2018

By Terry Konkle – President

This week’s column will consist of ten quiz questions. Each question gives groups of people or dates with readers given three choices (A-B-C) as a possible answer to identify what all of them had in common. I encourage all to try this quiz and to contact me with your answers. Here goes:

1. Pat Frye, Susie Fair, Kathy Cornwell, Charlene Guzin

  • A. Volunteer Museum directors
  • B. Secretaries at Wolverine World Wide
  • C. Owners of downtown Rockford businesses

2. 4/9, 1878, 12/16, 1883, 4/8, 1896, 2/3, 1922

  • A. Dates when Rockford had major flood damage
  • B. Dates when Rockford received railroad grants
  • C. Dates of major Rockford fires

3. Charles Holden, Louis Ferrand, Gerald DeMaagd, Julius Peppler

  • A. Rockford doctors
  • B. Rockford lawyers
  • C. Rockford school superintendents

4. Rex Humphrey, Adolph Krause, Wallace Obets, Crawford Young

  • A. Rockford dentists
  • B. Rockford police chiefs
  • C. Members of first Rockford city council

5. James Morrison, Don Spykerman, Dave Powers

  • A. Rockford grocery store owners
  • B. Rockford bankers
  • C. Rockford druggists

6. Jim DeRyke, Al Freund, Pat Cwayna, Doug Taatjes

  • A. Rockford school principals
  • B. Rockford varsity basketball coaches
  • C. Rockford varsity football coaches

7. Bob Pierce, Dave Pederson, Ernie Blanchard

  • A. Rockford city managers
  • B. Funeral home directors
  • C. Rockford gas station owners

8. Otto Spanenberg, Iden Eadie, Mel Eadie, Herb Crothers

  • A. Members of Rockford’s Last Man’s Club
  • B. Well known Rockford barbershop quartet
  • C. Rockford postmasters

9. Frankie Lockerby Childs, Jim Ferry, Frank Davis

  • A. Early Rockford merchants
  • B. Rockford’s first high school graduates
  • C. Rockford’s first hired teachers

10. Rockford library and state police post constructed

  • A. 1943
  • B. 1937
  • C. 1925

Please contact me by phone at 616-866-0530 of by email at with your answers. Also your questions, comments, suggestions and corrections are welcome. Have a great, positive week!