Rockford Leos and Lions Club hosts first annual Clothes Drive

The Rockford Leos and Lions Club will be teaming up to kick off their first annual Clothes (and supplies) Drive to benefit the Leo’s Community Clothes Closets. Located in the Rockford Schools, these Clothes Closets are available to any student in need, and free of charge! The Closets are proving to be super successful and filling a huge need in the Rockford area. They provide all kinds of clothes from outer wear (jackets/hats/gloves) to under wear (enough said!) to even school supplies and basic toiletries.

With the success of the first Closet opening this year at the Freshman Center, three more have been requested and will be opened as soon as the Leos and Lions can fill them. The goal is to have them up and running this year. “This will be one of the Leo’s largest new community service projects” says adviser Joan Heinz. The kids are working hard to make community collection boxes available throughout the town and in each of the schools. They will be similar to the Toys for Tot’s boxes. The Leos are a very active school based group that is involved in community service. The Leos are junior group of the Lions—who are the largest service organization of men and women in the world. The Lion’s motto is “We Serve” and their goal is to make the community in which we live a better place!

The success of the Closet Program will depend on the generosity of the Rockford community and the hard work of the Leos along with their sponsor/partner Rockford Lions Club. Please keep an eye out for their collection boxes over the next two weeks and donate as able.

Collections are planned to start Feb 1st in all of the schools, and local businesses. Initial box locations will be located at Macatowa bank, City Hall, the Sweet Tooth, MVP, Family Fare, Meijers and more locations to follow! You can also contact dajoheinz57@charter.netfor further information.