Rockford Varsity Dance Team aims to represent school spirit


The Rockford Varsity Dance Team strives to represent school spirit, leadership, and exemplary models of determination within the sports and clubs of the Rockford Community. With 16 members this year, most of whom are underclassman, the program was pushed to mature as a team. Coach Amanda Carfagnini attributes the success of the season to pure motivation and team connectivity. Senior captains, Danielle Marshall and Sarah Hermann, worked hard to steer the motivation into thoughtful new approaches, in and out of practice, that really connected with this team. Junior captain, Ari Hyink, successfully bridged the gap between upperclassman and underclassman, which gave the program a unique team dynamic. Coach Amanda states that “the team-mentality has really shown through in our dancing this year; we dance as one unit, and we have become a more successful team because of it”.

The Dance Team competes throughout the season across all of Michigan, against some of the best teams in the state. They have received multiple first place finishes and specialty awards in the pom, jazz, and hip hop categories, showcasing their ability for diversity in technique. The team can also be seen performing at Rockford Varsity Football and Basketball games during half-time, as well various other community events.

RVDT can be seen competing this coming weekend at the Jenison Dance Invitational on February 3rd.  You can also catch them at the remaining home basketball games at 7:30, February 9th for Senior Night and February 23rd for the last performance of the season the RVDT & GUYS special performance.