Passport prices to go up, fair makes process easy

Local post office wants to save you some bucks

Interim Postmaster Crystal Dever will have the Rockford branch post office host a Passport Fair Saturday, March 10 from 9 to noon to encourage people to take advantage of  today’s passport costs. “As of April 2, prices are going up ten dollars,” Crystal said. The total will be $145 for a first time passport after the April date versus $135 currently. First time passport applicants will save the ten dollars by attending the fair or by making an appointment for a passport now. Currently the cos is $110 for going up to $120 for passport renewals.

At the passport fair, as with an appointment, applicants need their original birth certificate with the raised seal, their driver’s license and ideally, a filled in application form, which can be found online. Otherwise, the forms will be available at the passport fair.

Passports are needed when you leave the country, with the exception of Canada, Bermuda, Mexico and the Caribbean. For those you could opt for a Land and Sea Passport Card, which still costs $55 and limits traveling to those places. More information can be found online at