Rockford Area Historical Society News and Updates for 2/8/18

I enjoyed sharing some of my Rockford experiences as the speaker at the February 1, 2018 regular meeting of the Rockford Area Historical Society (RAHS). About thirty people attended at 1:00 P.M. at the community Cabin in the last of our afternoon gatherings. In March, April and May we resume the 7:00 P.M time schedule.

I spoke about several events and people by presenting an insider’s view of what happened concerning both. Lots of examples were given and discussed including my first interview with school Superintendent E. J. Kleinert, my teaching and coaching experiences, and an in depth look at certain fundraising ventures involving the Detroit Lions, the Texas Cowgirls and donkey basketball. Things associated with the RAHS, the Rockford High School Athletic Hall of Fame and the Rockford City Council were also a part of the talk.

One particular memory revolved around the high school Advanced English classes putting together a book in which examples of student’s works were presented. It was done each year from 1964-67. They were completely done by students and sold as a library fundraiser. It was called “Rogue River Anthology” and was a fun project. Recently. I found some copies from 1966 and 1967 so I took them with me and offered those in attendance the opportunity to take one. I still have about ten left and would be happy to give a copy to readers if desired. I can be contacted by email ( or by phone at 616-866-0530.

At our last RAHS board meeting much of our time centered on our continuous need for volunteers. The RAHS needs some help not only for projects, but also for staffing the Rockford Area Museum (RAM). People, who would like to be part of our activities (you do not have to be a member), are needed. Any help would be appreciated. Please consider it and contact me or our museum co-directors.

In a column two weeks ago I included a ten question multiple choice quiz. It was not really a “Nugget” time, but I asked for reader response. Jerry and Joan DeMaagd, Lee Paull, Janet Hewitt and Jack Bolt checked in with answers, and I thank them for their participation. Here is the answer key: 1. A , 2. C , 3. A , 4. C , 5. C , 6. B , 7. B , 8. A , 9. B , 10. B.

I will include a new “Nugget” next week and am still receiving answers (due by February 4) to the Hardware store one used in the column the last week of January. As always, please contact me with your suggestions, comments, questions and certainly corrections. Have a great, positive week!