School Beat: Take NOTHING & NO ONE for Granted

By Bob Siegel

Valley View Elementary Principal

THANK YOU! Two simple words … easy to say … easier to forget to say … unintentionally omitted … especially when you’ve been connected to someone for a long time.

It’s only human nature to take the goodness in family, friends, students, and colleagues for granted. If familiarity breeds contempt, LOVE can quell it!

From my book, Learn to Lead with Love, A field guide to Building a Team with Heart: “One whose leadership is based upon gratitude must display an outward appreciation for a job well done. Never miss an opportunity to praise someone’s efforts, regardless of how simple their contribution may have been. Just as you cannot over-communicate, it is impossible to be over-complimentary for someone’s sincere efforts.”

Throughout the month of February Valley View runs a Post Office at our building. The kids write letters to each other or to staff. Parents send letters to their students or friends of their students through our post office. These letters are a great way to thank others for being their friend or to say hello. Our 2nd graders and parent volunteers sort and deliver the mail 2 days a week. This is always a fun activity for all.

So … a humble suggestion … right now; take a minute and contact someone that deserves your gratitude. You may make their day, and yours will be brighter as well.