Rockford mayor delivers meals to seniors

Rockford Mayor Steve Jazwiec

A Tuesday morning delivery from Meals on Wheels Western Michigan brought more than food to North Kent area seniors- it brought Rockford mayor, Steve Jazwiec.

Jazwiec, who has been mayor of the City of Rockford for a collective seven years, was invited to come along for deliveries on February 20th as part of the March for Meals program. March for Meals is a month-long event to raise awareness about senior hunger and isolation, as well as a way to bring light to the services of Meals on Wheels.

The mayor, along with two drivers, delivered food to eighteen clients in the North Kent area. “Going out was more than delivering meals,” the mayor said, “they’re building relationships. You’re not sure how many people are in the clients’ lives. The volunteers were like rock stars- checking on their health, checking if they needed anything, putting things away for clients.”

The mayor was the first public figure to participate in this year’s March for Meals event. Julie Visser, the delivery supervisor who worked with the mayor, said that they matched him with clients who lived in his district.

Visser said “we want people to be aware of the program, to see the need in the community. And if a topic comes up like senior millage, then the government will have firsthand knowledge.”

The mayor was “a great connection,” according to Visser. “He was fun. He was excited. Joking around, very friendly with the clients.”

“It was a great experience,” said the mayor. “I would do it again.”

The mayor delivered a week’s worth of food to each client, as well as an emergency supply of nonperishables in case Meals on Wheels couldn’t get there the following week.