Corner Bar construction and road closures

As you may have noticed, the Corner Bar is beginning to take shape after a devastating fire that consumed most of the building last year. After careful consideration of their owners, the City of Rockford, and countless other stakeholders, construction has begun to rebuild this former staple for the downtown community of Rockford.

However, this means that the road is going to need to close for a while to work on a few things. Courtland, from Main St. to the post office, is going to be closed to traffic beginning Friday, March 30th in the morning and is projected to be closed until May 4th.

This area needs to be closed for work that can’t happen with the street open. Cranes have to come in, concrete and steel needs to be moved, and the roadway itself will need to be excavated to run new utilities.

We will be using the same detour route as we used in the past, which is Main St. west to Squires, north of the post office. See attached map below.

We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. However, all of this is leading to a shiny new Corner Bar!

For more information contact Orion Construction at 616-970-0814, check our website at, or call city hall at 616-866-1537.