Downtown Rockford open for business while under construction

This is what “hot and heavy” construction looks like. The owners would like the restaurant to be open in time for Start of Summer.

Downtown improvements will be significant in the upcoming season between road work and building projects. The good news is downtown shops and restaurants remain open and offer plenty of reason to visit. Among expected changes is the impressive work going on at Courtland and Main street intersections with a major overhaul of the Glik’s building to the northeast while kitty-corner across the Corner Bar work is in full swing.

The Corner Bar back wall is considerably farther west than the original. You can see where the back of the building was and see how much farther back the new wall is, taking space that used to be a dumpster alley.

During last month’s City Council meeting City Manager Thad Beard said the Rogue River Tavern will be getting a dumpster of its own for an intense remodel. On Squires Street Eric Brown Stained Glass is moving up again with a third level being added above his current two story status. Keep an eye on this ever changing, always improving vibrant downtown. Doubtless more projects will spring up as the season warms. The improvements to road and correlating water and sewer will begin after the Rockford Chamber of Commerce brings the season to a beginning for 2018 with the 50th annual Start of Summer Celebration, the town’s biggest event of the year. Don’t miss that coming up beginning with resident’s night Wednesday, June 7 and open to all Friday through Sunday June 8, 9 and 10.

A major overhaul is underway at the Glik’s building
Rising up: Eric Brown Stained Glass is going up again. Remember when it was one story and then a second story was added to make room for classes? The third story will mostly be used for storage.
Rogue River Tavern will be bringing in a dumpster to assist in renovations. How many dumpsters will downtown have this summer?