Rockford Area Historical Society News and Updates for 4-12-18

By Terry Konkle – President

Rockford Area Historical Society member Kathy Christensen is our volunteer in charge of scheduling the annual visits of Rockford area second grade classes to the Rockford Area Museum each spring. She and her dedicated volunteer staff present a well-organized and educational program on several days to classes from different schools. The total number of students, teachers and chaperones that participate is always over eight hundred and sometimes closer to nine. This undertaking is important and is just one way that our society and museum benefit the community.

When the RAHS began our quest to secure, renovate and put a new museum in our abandoned courthouse, the society did not have tax exempt status. In order to start fundraising while we applied for tax exemption, we talked with city manager, Michael Young, who advised us to contact the Rockford Area Community Endowment (R.A.C.E.) to see if we could place our donations with them. This worked out well for us and for them. Recently R.A.C.E. has made some changes and the society has developed to the point where we can now handle our donations and other funds ourselves. R.A.C.E. needs to be thanked for all of their help, and the society should be proud that we had their support. Thanks R.A.C.E..

The last “Nugget of Rockford History” asked readers to identify a Rockford building shown in a photo taken by Cliff Hill. Seven people contacted me with the answer of “Rockford City Reservoir”. The building, which is no longer in use, is located roughly to the northwest of North Rockford Middle School. Replies like “I used to walk my dog by it”; “There is a path by it that I use at times”; “ I can see it out my window”; I used to slide on the hill by it and my friend broke his collarbone” and “I used to work there” were received. My thanks to Jon Miner, Don Swider, Lee Paull, Terri Byrne, Dick Johnston, Clyde Waltenbaugh and Julie Meller for taking part.

Here is a new ten part “True/False” quiz. Please contact me by e-mail using or phone by 616-866-0530 with your answers.

True or False

  1. Mr./Mrs. Adolph Krause donated money to expand the Krause library.
  2. “Our Lady of Consolation Church” was dedicated in 1968.
  3. “Pioneer Cemetery” is no longer used for burials.
  4. There has never been an elementary school in Edgerton.
  5. The Krause Library is on the site of a former city park.
  6. There used to be a “Little League” baseball field at Rotary Park.
  7. Mr./Mrs. Victor Krause donated $250,000 for an indoor swimming pool.
  8. The newest M.H.S.A.A. sport at Rockford High School is pickleball.
  9. Rockford Post Office was originally built as a community center.
  10. The first Boy Scout troop in Rockford was started by Merritt Lamb.

Remember to let me know your questions, comments, suggestions, concerns and, of course, corrections. Have a great, positive week!