Hunger Solutions Day develops resolution to make Michigan food secure

In Michigan, nearly 1.5 million people struggle with hunger every day, and 397,070 are children.  The Hunger Solutions Caucus aims to eliminate hunger and strengthen food security in Michigan.

The Food Bank Council of Michigan’s annual Hunger Solutions Day gathers Michigan legislators and business and community leaders to discuss hunger solutions for Michigan.  The initiative reviews yearly data, evaluates local resources throughout Michigan and conducts research to generate realistic solutions.

“All 83 counties in Michigan work hard everyday to help families and communities access nutritious meals,” said Peter MacGregor, Michigan state senator. “Our ongoing work to eliminate hunger strives to make sure no individual, family or community is a part of a statistic.

The partnership between the Food Bank Council of Michigan and the state Capitol is one that allows for the development of a resolution to improve and nourish lives statewide.

“As an agricultural leader, Michigan has the ability to provide real solutions for those who struggle with hunger across our state,” said Roger Victory, Michigan state representative. “Hunger Solutions Day serves as a call to action for our producers, distributors, and support networks to come together and continue the work to better our programs and help our fellow Michiganders.”

By way of research, data review and constant improvements, Michigan’s elected officials, food banks, farmers and private organizations join forces to develop the solutions necessary to increase food security.

“We work tirelessly to start and continue the conversation of a hunger-free Michigan,” said Dr. Phil Knight, executive director, Food Bank Council of Michigan. “It is our responsibility to carry out the best programs and practices in Michigan.”

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