Students participate in Salmon in the Classroom program through the DNR

The goal of the Salmon in the Classroom program is to immerse students in a classroom based, hands-on learning opportunity, with repetitive exposure to salmon, their life cycle and their effects on the ecosystem, that will encourage a lifelong respect for the natural resources and to expose students to fishing as a fun skill! This unique learning experience allows students the opportunity to raise, care for and maintain the salmon in their classroom from fall until spring. The program culminates at the end of the school year with the release of the young fish into the Grand River so they can make the long journey to the Lake Michigan.

The Salmon in the Classroom field day emphasizes community stewardship and incorporates learning elements to enhance environmental learning.

Students in the Salmon in the classroom program were at Richardson Sowerby Park in Rockford, MI for their field day on April 26th.

The land based activities were lead by individuals from the Grand Rapids Steelheaders association, the DNR, a research student from Grand Valley State University, Trout Unlimited and one person from Michigan State University and the Sea Grant Program.

Students participated in activities based on team building, insect collection to determine the health of the river, invasive species, history of the salmon and the current data of them in the Great Lakes and on fishing. Youth become stewards of their local environment as they learn academic content through this innovative, hands-on experience, they develop new skills, and engage in a positive, meaningful event.

Thank you to the City of Rockford for the use of the park and to all of those involved that made the day very enjoyable and educational.