School Beat: Finding Balance

By Jeremy Karel, Principal

Belmont Elementary

In early April, Rockford Public Schools, in partnership with Developing Healthy Kids, welcomed national speaker and author Katie McPherson. Katie spoke on the challenges tweens, teens and families face during this age of technology. During her presentation, she outlined several strategies and practical tips parents can use when dealing with addictions to devices, video games and social media platforms.

Finding balance in today’s world can be extremely difficult for our teenage students and families. One of Katie’s suggestions is to utilize a digital diet –making sure as a family to find playtime, downtime and family time. Her short phrase for remembering this is PDF. Research shows getting exercise and being outside in nature is extremely beneficial to the brain.

As we head towards the summer months in Michigan, there are several places right in Rockford that can help you to unplug as a family and get recharged from nature. Luton Park, located off of 10 Mile, is a great place to walk trails, mountain bike and enjoy a picnic afterwards. Merrell Trail, at Premier Park, is also a great spot to hike, bike and enjoy the outdoors. Rogue River Park in Belmont is a convenient launching place for riding or walking the White Pine Trail as you can also treat you and your family to some ice cream at Trailside Treats when your adventure is finished.

Finding balance can be difficult in today’s technology driven world. However, as the weather warms and the days grow longer, finding playtime, downtime and family time hopefully becomes a routine for your family.