Reader Photos: Squire Visits and Lake Bella Vista Fishing

A group of 16 just returned from a two-week trip to Israel (4/21-5/6) sponsored by "Go To Israel with Ron".  Six of the trip's participants are Rockford residents.    As you can see, The Rockford Squire went with us. From the Mount of Olives overlooking the Old City of Jerusalem are:  MaryJo Holdsworth, Gary and Judy Stewart, Bob and Lou Maronn, Joyce Jones, Ilene and Dave Malin (l to r).   Hope you might be able to use the picture in an upcoming edition of the Squire. Thanks! -Dave Malin

(If you would like to see your photos of travels, funny pets, fishing photos, or any other local happenings in the Rockford Squire, please email the photos and a small caption to Photos must belong to the sender and may be edited for print. We reserve the right not to publish any photos received.)

Nine of 12 friends visited Laughlin Nevada on the beautiful Colorado River recently. Darryl and Sandy Huebner, Stella Birdsall, Mary Inman, Jackie Cook holding the Squire, Leone Bogdans, Doris, Margie and Gordy DenBraber. Missing from the picture, three Couturiers. 
North Rockford Middle school students Bailey & Camden Ewen took the Squire on vacation to Lake Havasu AZ to visit the London Bridge
Adrian Bennett caught this 9 inch sunfish out on Lake Bella Vista with his cousin Steve Ungrey.
His cousin Josh, father Casey & grandpa Gary Bennett were there as well.
This was a funny story, Adrian threw his pole into the water, it sunk to the bottom so he grabbed the line & reeled this in with his bare hands!
Adrian Bennett caught this 16 inch bass out of Lake Bella Vista, good thing his Dad Casey was there to lip it!!
He caught this on a white spinner bait with an orange trailer in the narrows.