Deer crashes through glass at MVP

Roped off area where the deer crashed through the glass at MVP. Photo by Chrystal Newman

By Zoe Newmann

The citizens of Rockford Michigan were not the only beings racing to the gym after the memorial weekend.

A young deer raced through the Rockford’s MVP Sports Club parking lot and tumbled through the buildings two pane glass window Wednesday morning, May 30.

Local law enforcement officials do not believe the deer was chased through window.  Speculations were made by officials stating the deer may have been spooked from crossing Wolverine Blvd.

“There was not as much blood as I expected when I looked at scene of the accident,” MVP director, Shandy Longcore said.

Longcore was very impressed with how her staff handled the situation. Employees that were at MVP during the incident called 911 and propped the automatic doors open. The deer was young and probably did not see the window it ran through.

The deer was in MVP Sports Club for 3 minutes after the accident. He sat down to rest in the entrance before leaving on its own accord.  Before the deer exited it ran into another window but did not break it.  The deer did not appear to be limping when it left the facility.

It’s injuries were not attended to considering it left before anyone could safely help the animal.