What a season for Rockford Girls Varsity Tennis!

Rockford Girls Varsity Tennis Team

The Rams finished 5th in the state after a strong showing at the Division One Finals in Midland.

Head Coach Tom Huizing took some time to reflect on the year and everything the team accomplished. He says, “I knew it was going to be a special team from day one.” The 12-member squad bonded immediately, and Huizing says building close relationships was key to establishing a strong team.

Coach Huizing knew they would have fun! These are some very spirited girls and it didn’t take long to show that spirit on the court as well, both in the OK Red conference, and on the East Side of the state.

“One thing I’ve always done in my coaching career when it comes to tennis, is challenge my teams by playing the best in the state.  So that’s what we were going to do this year,” says Coach Huizing.

The team did it! They won in the OK Red, in the area, and around the state. Now onto the State Finals!

Coach Huizing says he watched that last practice the night before the tournament with pride. “I sat back and thought to myself what an amazing and special team that these ladies have established.  They created this, this success is because of what they did on and off the court and with one another.”

22 teams are invited to The Division 1 State Tennis Tournament. The Rockford Rams took this last challenge head on, winning 7 of their 8 first round matches and accumulating 13 points to end in the season in the Top 5. For Coach Huizing, it was more than just a strong finish; it’s the start of a new chapter.

“These Rams were the best of the best in the state.  When people talk about high school tennis in Michigan, they will be talking about the 2018 Rockford Girls Varsity Tennis Team as one of the best.”

Coach Huizing added, “I’m so proud of these ladies.  The work they put in, the sportsmanship they showed, the intensity they played with.  These girls are true champions on and off the court and they have set a foundation for a bright future in Rockford Girls Tennis Program.”

Go Rams!