Letters to the editor: Relay for life, Memorial Day, and Trump

Vibrant Life Chiropractic Relay event should return

We all know that Relay for Life just occurred at North Rockford Middle School. On Friday, May 4 I attended a Relay for Life Trivia event hosted by the Relay team at Vibrant Life Chiropractic at Knapp’s Corner.

Vibrant Life Chiropractic, a Rockford Chamber member, is owned by a young couple, Dr. Kurt Lang and his office manager wife Kelly, They transformed their office to a tropical setting. The teams were  “tested” on trivia related to Relay for Life facts and history, Disney movies, culinary tidbits and, of  course, chiropractic facts (Dr. Kurt was not eligible for that category).

It was an evening filled with laughter, meeting good people for the first time, and relaxation among energetic adults. Vibrant Life Chiropractic raised over $300 as their kick off to their team’s presence at Relay for Life. Dr. Kurt and Kelly have much more than just a chiropractic office, they truly have a compassionate heart for others. I, for one, appreciate the professional care they give me, but I was impressed with how they go beyond their professional practice to assist others on a cancer journey. I hope this becomes an annual event! Thank you so much Vibrant Life!

Richard Heys



Thank you to all for the Blue Star Memorial celebration

The Rockford Garden Club maintains three gardens downtown. Monday, May 28, the garden at the dam was dedicated as a Blue Star Memorial Garden.  The purpose of a Blue Star Memorial Garden is to pay tribute to all the Armed Forces which defend our country. This garden now has a beautiful plaque attached to one of the rocks. The dedication ceremony included state garden club officials, representatives of the local VFW, the Kent County Honor Guard, Boy Scout troop 264, Pastor Petersen of St. Peter’s Lutheran Church, Mayor Pro Tem Cheryl Scales, soloist Dana Graham and local garden club members. Thank you to those who participated as well as the City of Rockford for attaching the plaque to the rock. Rockford is now one of 92 other Michigan communities with such an important and meaningful garden.

Rockford Garden Club President

Mary Blakeslee



Letter to Editor:

Trump stated on 24 May 2018 “Protesters should not be in the country”.

That would remove people’s right to challenge government dictatorial edicts.

It would eliminate anyone that supported the Revolutionary War to establish the United States of America.

It would eliminate people protesting:

PFAS in the ground water.

Gun control.

Recently allowed dumping of mined mountain tops directly in streams where it damages or destroys fishing and clean water.

Elimination or weakening of the Clean Air, Water, Endangered Species, and Wilderness Acts.

Elimination of the Climate Accord to protect present and future generations.

Trump administration from scrubbing EPA climate information from its website and eliminating use of science.

To support sustainable economic, social, and environment protection of the environment that supports society.

Use of DDT that nearly led to the extinction of Peregrine Falcon, Brown Pelicans, Bald Eagles and others.

Use of Genetically Modified Crops with Roundup ready genes.

Reduction of National Monuments without due process of law.

The taking of private property without due process of law to place the Mexican border wall on their property.

Farm practices that created the dust bowl and massive economic hardship. Such protest led to the creation of Conservation Districts that now help farmers thrive environmentally with economic sustainability.

Sexual abuse like the recent Olympic cases.

Removal of health care for millions of Americans.

Protesting is a part of an American Tradition started in the 1700’s that created the United States of America.

Steve Mueller, Courtland Twp.



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