OMG!Yoga Rockford Introduces NEW Gentle Yoga class for Seniors

OMG!Yoga opened it’s doors in Rockford at 251 Northland Dr. September 1st 2017.  Since then they have been offering Yoga classes for all levels of students 7 days a week.  The owners, Michele Fife and Shannon Sadoski, both teach a majority of the classes and also employ several other teachers at their studio.  Both Michele and Shannon are residents and are very active in the Rockford community.

“Getting to know the Rockford residents has been one of the many benefits of being small business owners!

We endeavor to keep the studio inclusive of all ages and abilities.  We wanted to create a space where everyone from beginners to the more seasoned Yogi might be comfortable to practice in.  For us Yoga is about maintaining health and wellness, especially as we age.  This is why we felt it was important to add a class now to serve an older clientele.”

Michele Fife appears daily on wotv4 offering information on natural health and wellness.  Her focus with Yoga is more therapeutic and designed to improve flexibility, strength and balance.  Her soon-to-be-released third Yoga DVD titled SLEEP/WAKE, is a practice to improve quality of sleep and help those who suffer from insomnia.  She has two other therapeutic DVDs, SIT and EASE, available on Amazon.

“I love working with older adults! I am an older adult and know firsthand of the changes your body goes through.  So I know how Yoga can help the body age with grace and ease. “

Michele will be teaching this new class to be held Tuesdays at 10am and starts June 12th.

For more information about OMG!Yoga you can check out the website