Rockford recognizes cross trained safety officers

The Rockford City Hall meeting room was packed as members of the community recognized the hard work and dedication of nine civil servants who have completed special training for their roles as city employees. On Monday June 11, 2018, at the June City Council Meeting, Chief Dave Jones recognized City of Rockford Firefighters who have joined the department since the Police/Fire Consolidation in 2012.

Nine people have joined the Rockford Department of Public Safety since the 2012 consolidation. Before the consolidation five police officers and two public services workers were cross trained as firefighters to join what was at the time the Rockford Fire Department. The original seven cross trained firefighters were a part of a cost-saving measure the city took to reduce public safety expenses during the great recession at the time. Each of those employees took on the added responsibility, even though few of them ever considered a career in the fire service.

The people recognized Monday, all hired after 2012, applied for their position knowing that being a member of the fire service was a part of the job description. Six police officers and three public services employees were recognized, seven were present for the ceremony. Chief Jones described the dedication and commitment it takes to receive the Fire Fighter I and Fire Fighter II license at the meeting along with the hundreds of hours each member of the department will receive during their careers. The Fire Academy is 295 hours of classroom and nine months of practical study. Each student must pass a written test and a practical test to demonstrate their knowledge and proficiency. Upon obtaining their firefighter license each new employee attends 50 hours of training annually in department sponsored training involving the many skills necessary to maintain
that proficiency.

PSO Abbate, PSO Finch, PSO Rosin, PSO Glass, PSO Thomas, FF Keeney, FF Stoll were present for the official swearing in ceremony.

PSO Foster and FF Apkarian were not present

PSO – Public Safety Officer (Police Officer)

FF – Firefighter (Public Services Employee)