Letter to the Editor: Thank you Rockford

Dear Rockford Community,

Once again our community came out to support a family in need.  For those of you that may not have heard Cora Lee (10yrs. old) had a liver transplant on June 12th after being born with biliary atresia.  Her parents Jen and David Lee have known since shortly after birth that Cora would some day need a new liver.  Earlier this year, they found a tumor on her liver.  After another scan, the doctors found the tumor was growing and believed it to be cancerous. Cora was then put on the transplant list.  So, as a community, we decided to do a fundraiser to help with the cost of travel, meals, lost work and out of pocket insurance costs.  The fundraiser was held this past Sunday at RHS and was a huge success!  With over 160 donations, hundreds of people showing up and  thousands of dollars raised, David and Jen were a bit overwhelmed with the outpour of care our community showed.  Michigan Blood was also at the event and 45+ people donated blood which in turn will help over 150 people, so THANK YOU TO ALL OF THE BLOOD DONORS!  There are a few others we would like to thank and I’ll start out by apologizing to anyone I forgot.

Herman’s Boy employees for using their “tip”jar as a fundraising jar, Rockford Public schools, City of Rockford, The 50+volunteers needed for the day, Heather Cregg’s band, RE/MAX of Michigan for donating the hot air balloon, The planning committee-Karla Karamol, Leda VanderLaan, Todd Cregg, Ann Myers, Mollie Dauser, Sally Reinke, Dawn DeWitt, Emily Tompkins, Malinda Root, and Kim Maggini, Joe Staley, Parker Ehinger and Ben Braden for their donation of signed footballs, The local businesses who are always so generous when it comes to a need in our community

But most of all we would like to thank the family that was generous enough to give the gift of life.  There is just no way to thank them and let them know how much their decision to donate their family member’s liver, means to David, Jen, Cora, Logan and Cass.

We have a wonderful community full of wonderful people, so thank you for all you do to make our community the best there is!  Cora is doing great and feeling better everyday, but please continue to keep her in your thoughts.

Tracie Rich