Church Message: A Man on a Long Journey

By Pastor Ron Aulbach,

BridgeWay Community Church

A man once began a very long journey. Along the road, he stumbled upon a heavy bag of gold. The bag was heavy, but incredibly valuable so he hoisted it up over his shoulder and continued his journey. Walking past a town, he saw a beautiful young woman seated on a rounded stone. They talked and his heart skipped a beat, though she soon turned away. The stone she had sat upon reminded him of her beauty so he decided to take it with him. Bending forward with his arm outstretched, he began to roll the stone. Down the road he went, hunched over with the bag of gold over one shoulder, stooping to roll the stone with his other arm, and working up a furious sweat in the noonday sun. Then he saw a pig wander past, oinking. Since there was no one around to claim the pig, he caught it with a rope and tried to lead it down the road. But the pig was too slow. So he tied the other end of the rope to his own ankle and dragged the pig behind him. Down the road he went, hunched over with the bag of gold over one shoulder, stooping to roll the stone with his other arm and dragging the pig behind.

One hot night he stopped to sleep but awoke to discover that all he had carried had been stolen—the gold, the stone and the pig! At daybreak he dusted himself off and continued on his way, now empty handed and free of his burdens. But by force of habit, he continued to walk as if he still carried the bag of gold, the rolling stone and the pig on a rope. Down the road he went, hunched over, stooping with his arm extended and dragging a foot behind. A young boy watched as the man limped past, mesmerized by his peculiar appearance. The boy turned to his grandmother, standing nearby, and asked, “What makes this man look so strange, and why does he walk so funny?” The grandmother replied, “The road is straight, but the man is crooked, made that way by all he tried to carry. One day you, too, my child, will take on the shape of your journey, by what you wish for and what you carry.”

Each of our lives are shaped by what we pick up and what we let go of. The invitation of Jesus is to walk in the abundance and freedom He offers so that you “may have life and life to the full” (John 10:10). What do you need to let go of? It’s time to continue on the journey, strong and confident in what God has in store for you.