Hannah Haggerty to take part in Stanford University Law Summer Program 

This summer, Hannah J. Haggerty from Rockford High School will join outstanding high school students from across the nation to take part in a unique academic and career oriented development experience. The Intensive Law and Trial Program is one of Envisions family of programs that enable students to explore their interests and experience learning beyond the classroom.

Hannah was nominated to attend the forum because of her PSAT testing scores at Rockford High School. She is passionate about the Legal Field with dreams of being a Lawyer. Hannah is looking forward to gaining the hands-on law and trial experience that the program provides.

The Law program allows her to immerse herself in the theory and practice of law and to develop a roadmap for becoming a lawyer. She will be exposed to the practice of law, legal rhetoric, and ethics from pre-eminent legal professionals, including teaching from actual Stanford Law School professors. She’ll also develop and practice essential legal skills such as making impactful opening and closing arguments, preparing cases, and readying witnesses for cross-examinations. The powerful skills workshops will help her develop her own personal mission statement to set and attain her future academic and career goals in which she’ll prepare for and try a court case.

Her experience culminates at the San Francisco Superior Court House, where she’ll put into action the knowledge learned throughout the program, such as opening and closing arguments, rules of evidence, objections, legal ethics, and witness preparation. In preparation for the simulation, endorsed by the American Mock Trial Association, she will prepare for a court case, just as any attorney does, she’ll practice the art of creating effective oral arguments, directly examine and cross-examine witnesses, gain an understanding of evidence and its integrity, and learn how to manage a courtroom.

The Intensive Law and Trial Program is a great opportunity for high-achieving scholars to get outside the classroom and see, through hands-on interactive learning, how to innovate and think creatively,” said Andrew Potter, the Chief Academic Officer for Envision. “These students, who have already proven themselves academically, will be challenged to work on real-world, student-created projects to bring their studies and career interests to life.”