Please enjoy: The photographic best of ten days in Maine

Sunset from Cadillac Mountain, the first place in the United States to see the lights of sunrise. As you can see it isn't too bad for sunset either.

A late June trip to Maine for ten days including a deep sea fishing trip, a nature boat trip, many hikes in Acadia National Park (our favorite park in all of the world) and plenty of other things to do and see.

A display in an oddities shop, the Fee Gee Mermaid.
Our lobster dinner, a two pound lobster, and two one and half pound lobsters, all for under $40.
A tide pool crab with her eggs on full display, one of the many interesting tide pool finds we came across.
An island with basking harbor seals, year round residents of the Maine coast. We saw them as part of our day trip fishing and pulling lobster traps on the Vagabond with Captain John and his son Charlie.
A deer in a flower filled valley. We love this part of Maine, famous for the tourist town of Bar Harbor that reminds us of Rockford. The national park offers hikes and bike riding in all terrains, woods, mountains, valleys and shore.
An ocean hike view.
A wild rose with a visitor.
A baby lobster found under a rock. Notice it is growing back its claw that must have been lost in the tide.
A tide pool with both snails and hermit crabs in it. The shells with antenna are snails, the ones with legs are crabs.