From terrible loss to hope for a better future

Girlfriend of man who died in Bahamas undertakes project

Athena Williams was the girlfriend of the late Jonathan Brussow, who tragically lost his life in an unprecedented huge storm in the Bahamas earlier this year. Today she is continuing to heal from the terrible loss and, with others, including Brussow’s family, are finding ways to make the future a better place. The following is Athena’s account of what she and others hope to accomplish:

Back in March of this year I lost someone truly special to me in the Bahamas. Jonathan Brussow was swept off a cliff by a giant wave and taken into the Atlantic Ocean. While searching for him on foot day and night we realized how much trash and recyclables had accumulated on the beaches. After asking a couple of people on the island, who were so helpful to us in our time of need, about the beaches we knew they needed help.

Trash and recyclables on the beach
Trash to be picked up

After returning home with my family and trying to face this tragedy one day at a time my brother Erik came to me and said we should go back and help the people clean up their beaches. We put together a Go Fund Me page to help pay for transportation of the debris and for it to be properly taken care of.

We ask for this help because we are looking to make a cleaner tomorrow for not only vacationers who visit the island but the people who run their daily lives there. Our first go fund me page was strictly for Jonathan and his transportation back to the states as well as funeral services and any payment for coast guards etc. We ask for your help on this project in order to honor Jonathan’s name on the island. We plan to make this Jonathan’s mission and we hope to continue on our ventures of cleaning up this world.

To contribute, please visit and search J.B.SEA Eleuthera Beach Cleanup.