88 year old inventor develops tomato plant wonder

Hooked on Tomatoes™ (patent pending) was invented by Charlie Kellogg, an octogenarian who has spent his lifetime from childhood inventing useful products. His over 50 products range from a simple potato peeler for the handicapped, to a sophisticated, automated kitchen storage system that eliminates reaching and stooping in the home kitchen.

The original purpose of H.O.T. was to replace the bulky, difficult to store, wire tomato cages. Kellogg’s new concept provides the ultimate in convenient storage, but also benefits the plants by providing better air circulation, easier harvesting, easier pruning and other advantages.

Simple as the product appears, H.O.T. is the result of four years of development. The earliest design used four stakes connected by polyurethane cord that provided a collapsible cage but was difficult to use. This was followed by a series of designs that used 16” horizontal rings, again connected by cord, that were supported by a single stake. A great improvement over the wire cage, Kellogg’s concept provided excellent tomato support and great compact storage while introducing the concept of the single stake.

While visiting a friend, Kellogg observed an arm holding a bird feeder that was supported by a single pole. This became his inspiration for the current H.O.T. design and the introduction of a uniquely practical innovation for growing the finest tomato plants and other tall garden plants.

Hooked on Tomatoes™ Tomato Supports can be found at Family, Farm and Home, on Plainfield Avenue or at