School Beat: Take a social media break and spend time as a family

By Scott Beckman, Director of Security

With summer in full swing and school a not so distant memory, this is a great time for families to spend together unplugged by leaving devices and social media behind.  As we all know, time is a priceless commodity and, when school begins in August, schedules will fill up, leaving little time for families to make these valuable connections.

Schedule family time and commit to it like you would any other important engagement.  Taking a digital break allows everyone to disconnect from distractions, most of which can wait.  Speaking from personal experience, once you get over the anxiety of disconnecting from your devices, you will never regret connecting with those who are important to you.  This is when relationships are strengthened and memories are made.

The school year can be hectic and full of activities, friendships, and heartbreak.  Taking this time to strengthen family relationships and reinforcing the importance of keeping the lines of communication open will be valuable tools when it is time to navigate difficult times.

This also teaches children important lessons that they can share with friends who may experience difficulties, so they can encourage them to speak to an adult who can help them sooner rather than later.  Regardless of time of day, communicating directly with security, a building administrator or counselor, or utilizing a confidential reporting platform (OK2Say or Silent Observer locally), and making sure the information gets to where it needs to be, begins the process regardless of the situation. Our students are caring and compassionate people and don’t need to shoulder the burden of helping a friend or classmate during a difficult time.

Have open, frequent conversations with your children.  We should never be too busy to just talk with and listen to our children to see how they are doing, or just to laugh and connect.  They are our most precious possessions!

Have a safe and wonderful summer and we look forward to seeing you this fall.