Chupacabra sighting in Greenville creates excitement

Artist’s rendering of the legendary chupacabra. Descriptions of the creature vary, some are dog-like, some include lizard-like features such as scales and spines.

Witness captures multiple photos of strange creature


Aaron Ray was driving on a dirt road outside of Greenville on his way to work at Tinney Auto when he saw it: a strange creature in the middle of the road scratching its shoulder against the dirt. It was strange. It was mostly hairless, had long legs, a long, hairless tail with a tuft at the end and a long muzzle. It was like nothing he had ever seen before.

He stopped his car, cracked the door and began filming with his phone. The animal stood straight, looked at him and began trotting down the road toward the car. It showed no fear.

“At first I had a hard time getting a good shot. It kept wanting to show me its butt,” Aaron explained. He said he honked his horn to get the animal to look at him and it did. “It had these huge eyes, they were so bright and gold they looked fake.” He said he was a little nervous as the animal neared his vehicle, but it kept looking right at him, checking him out, as it passed the vehicle.

Photo By Aaron Ray
Photo by Aaron Ray of the creature he saw. What do you think this creature could be? Send us your thoughts at

Back at work, Aaron told his boss he’d just seen something crazy, the ugliest dog on earth. He took out his phone and showed the images to his boss. “He went crazy. He said, ‘that’s a chupacabra!’” Apparently Joel is interested in these sorts of things and wasted no time posting the photograph on a chupacabra website. (See related story about chupacabras, written by our wonderful intern Zoë, below)

Apparently people from the website are going crazy. Some comments Aaron has heard are somewhat uninspiring… “It’s a coyote with mange. Shoot it.”

Before this, Aaron had never heard of a chupacabra. Now he’s seen images online and has formed a few opinions. “I thought it was super stinking ugly dog, now I think it definitely wasn’t a dog. It looked healthy, it looked like that was the way it was meant to be.” He said the animal’s belly and back legs were completely free from hair, but you could still see the markings, the stripes that would likely have been in the fur if it had any.

“I saw the pictures online. This one definitely looked healthier. I’ve seen the pictures of coyotes that have mange. This one definitely did not look like that.” It’s tail was bare except for at the very end, where it had a tuft of fur like a little pom pom.

“It was definitely the best looking chupacabra I’ve ever seen.”

And as for his boss, a true fan of the chupacabra, the experience of seeing one almost in person was priceless. “He looked at it like he was seeing Santa Claus.”


The history of the mysterious Chupacabra

By Zoë Newmann

Chupacabra is a grotesque creature that drinks the blood of livestock and is reported to exist in North and South America according to Webster Dictionary. In Spanish the word chupacabra translates to goatsucker. The  first sightings of the legendary cryptid animal were reported in Puerto Rico.

Physical descriptions of the creature vary. It is reported to be a heavy creature, the size of a small bear, with a row of spines reaching from the neck to the base of the tail. Others describe it looking like a coyote or a hairless dog. There are even rumors of the creature being an alien. Some conspiracies say that police and government officials have attempted to hide evidence of the creature’s existence according to a Princeton website.

Whatever the creature is, like bigfoot, it has amassed a following with a heavy presence on the internet.