Letter to the Editor: Reader urges others to contact representatives about tariffs

Squire readers, after reading to two articles in last week’s Squire I felt obligated to contact my federal representatives. Here is the message I sent to Senators Debbie Stabenow and Gary Peters and also my Representative Justin Amash. I suggest you also contact your representatives.

“I am sending you this issue of the Rockford Squire my local weekly paper because of the two articles, one by the editor on the front page and another on page 5 by a knowledgeable paper person of the News Media Alliance regarding how a new tariff is/will adversely affecting our local newspaper. I can only surmise the overall affect but one is it raises the Squires’ cost to produce the paper.

I doubt the editor/owner is getting rich from the sales of her paper, which is a service to the local community.

I suspect Beth Altena (Rockford Squire) will lose paying customers. I have friends who love the local news whether it is good news or disturbing news such as caused by the PFOS contamination in my hometown the Rockford area and appreciate the local paper.

As mentioned in the News Media Alliance article the tariffs are not permanent yet……. Therefore I suggest, Senator that you and others work to convince the Trade Commission and the Department of Commerce to NOT make these tariffs permanent!

I also understand that tariff collections are treated as “tax income”. That income won’t happen if the Squire looses subscribers or worst case goes out of business.

This scenario is likely the same for the Cedar Springs Post only a few miles north of Rockford and other community papers.

A better idea might have been to not have reduced the income tax rate on the top two personal tax categories.

Senator, I know this tariff thing was not your idea but I thought it important you see what is happening.

FYI, I am sending a message and paper to president Trump.

Most important now is to convince the Trade Commission and the Department of Commerce to NOT make these tariffs permanent!

Robert Stegmier,  Rockford MI