When Darkness Killed Her: New book from Rockford author

Rockford author D.A. (Deborah) Reed has released her latest novel of the thriller genre, When Darkness Killed Her. The first installment of the Caitlin O’Reilly trilogy, When Darkness Killed Her plunges the reader into a world of deception and intrigue, where betrayal lies around every corner.

A respected officer on the Healey Police Department, Caitlin finds her position on the force in sudden jeopardy as she ditches her partner to provide assistance for her father, a respected private investigator.

Shocked and shaken when the incident ends in tragedy, Caitlin is desperate to solve the case that resulted in her father’s death. Leaving the HPD, she takes over her father’s investigative firm with the intent of finding justice.

Caitlin could never have suspected that Donovan’s death is directly linked to her own private nightmare – the kidnapping of Caitlin and her friend Marci seventeen years prior.

Held captive and blindfolded for five days, the girls’ terror ended with bullets to the chest. With Marci dead and the kidnappers walking free, Caitlin was left with a fear of the dark and a need to sleep with a gun under her pillow. Haunted by nightmares for over half her life, Caitlin is ready to find the truth.

Can Caitlin solve the mystery when others failed? Can she find release from her nightmares, or will the darkness prove to be too strong this time?

D.A. has always loved intrigue. “The first novels I wrote were of the thriller genre. Even as a child, my favorite stories were those with suspense and action, especially if there were unexpected twists and turns in the plot.”

Reading was a fundamental part of D.A.’s life growing up. “Reading was my passion, and it wasn’t long before writing followed on its heels. I wanted to write my own stories; I wanted to help others feel the emotions I felt every time I turned a page.” D.A. revealed that she wrote her first novel at age fourteen and has no plans of ending her writing career. “I have too many stories vying for attention in my mind; a writer is never done writing.”

D.A. Reed has also published Web of Deceit, another novel of the thriller genre, as well as three young adult novels titled Daisies in the Rain, Dancing with Shadows, and The Rejects of Room 5.

Inspiration for D.A. Reed comes from her surroundings.  “Everything I see and everything I hear has story potential. I never know what will click and set a story spinning in my mind.”

When Darkness Killed Her can be found locally at Epilogue Books in Rockford and The Book Nook & Java Shop in Montague. Darkness is also available on Amazon in paperback and as an ebook, and also in paperback through Lulu.com.

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