Beyond The Rock introduces new Executive Producer

This year Beyond The Rock would like to welcome senior Nikki Dionne as the new student Executive Producer for the 2018-2019 school year.  Nikki has been involved in Beyond The Rock, Rockford High School’s television broadcasting program, for the last two years.  She was a part of last year’s team who was recognized as the “High School Television Station of the Year” by the Michigan Association of Broadcasters.  Nikki was part of a student production that received a second-place award for their Hard News piece discussing the controversial issue of athletes kneeling during the national anthem.  Nikki has had the opportunity to use her skills in a wide variety of video platforms with BTR.  She has engaged in commercial work, social media management, non-profit video, as well as acting as a key producer for the weekly school news program.

Nikki was chosen by her instructors as the executive producer for Beyond the Rock for a multitude of reasons.  Nikki consistently demonstrates a strong empathetic and kind-hearted yet firm leadership style that has earned her a strong respect among her peers.  She leads with love, spunkiness, and with a strong determination.  She has ambitious goals, a positive demeanor, and can be daily seen carrying a wide joyful smile across her face.  She lights up a room, and this lady is ready to lead.

“It means a lot to me, and I’ve worked really hard,” Nikki shares.  “But it’s been so helpful having my teachers by my side and I’m really excited to help my class and for us to grow together. “  Nikki truly hopes to bring her team to another state championship, and is looking forward to growing as a leader and as a person while making lasting memories with great people.

Nikki is also a Rockford High School cheer team captain, she is actively involved in her church youth group, and has been involved at the high school as a part of the “Ram Buddies” program connecting various RHS classes with students that have special needs.  In the fall, Nikki plans on attending Grand Valley State University to pursue either broadcasting or early childhood education.  Beyond The Rock welcomes Nikki with open arms, and expectations of a great year.

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