Slaydon Brothers build ‘Little Free Library’ on Bostwick Lake to celebrate literacy, community and hard work

Little Free Libraries are so fun. The small, front‐yard book exchanges number more than 75,000 around the world in 85 countries — from Iceland to Tasmania to Pakistan. Now, a new Little Free Library at 6858 Kitson Dr. NE Rockford, MI will join the movement to share books and bring the residents of Bostwick Lake and surrounding areas even closer together.

Blake and Dax Slaydon decided to make the library their summer project with mom, Jessica Gutowski Slaydon. (While dad worked long summer hours) The boys, just learning to read themselves, love to visit the LFL at the Cannon Township offices.

Blake and Dax are 4 and 2, but don’t be fooled, they did a lot of the work from measuring, trips to the hardware store for supplies, screwing and painting. It took nearly all summer and Slaydon says she did all the cutting with a jigsaw.

“There were lots of days I wanted to abandon the project,” said Slaydon, “I clearly didn’t have the right tools, but Blake and Dax would say, let’s go work on the Little Library!”

Currently the library is stocked with a decent adult section and young children’s books. The concept of the library is take a book and/or leave a book. You don’t need to return it unless you want to – you can always pass it on to someone else. The main idea is that it brings people together.

“It’s about reading, but so much more too,” said Slaydon. “It’s our hope that this Little Free Library will bring a little more joy, a little more connections and a whole lot of love to our community.”

Already the Slaydon’s have received lots of positive feedback from excited kids on walks with Grandma to neighbors wanting to contribute books.

Cheerful shouts of, “come get books!” are imminent for passerbyers if Blake and Dax happen to be out “selling” their library.

Blake and Dax Slaydon will be having an unofficial ribbon cutting September 9th at 2:30 p.m. open to the public. The celebration will include family‐friendly activities, contests, crafts and refreshments. For more information please contact Jes at 616-915-5370 or

The Little Free Library nonprofit organization has been honored by the Library of Congress, the National Book Foundation, and the American Library Association, and Reader’s Digest named them one of the “50 Surprising Things We Love about America.” Each year, nearly 10 million books are shared in Little Free Libraries. To learn more, please visit