Largest Scarecrow event in the USA needs you!

The plan to make Rockford’s annual Make It “N” Take It  Scarecrow Building Festival the largest scarecrow building event of its type in the country is working.

Statewide publicity including print media, social media, radio, and TV has made it reasonable to expect the event to hit its goal of building 2000 scarecrows over two weekends on Saturday and Sunday,  September 29 and 30 and October 6 and 7.

To see our promotional video, search YouTube for “Rockford Scarecrows”

There is, however, one major hurdle remaining.

Volunteers are seriously needed!

Volunteers from past years continue to return because this is a fun event, but this year, many more are needed.  You will love being involved!

Have fun while performing a valuable service to your community.

Proceeds from the event benefit two local non-profits – North Kent Connect (NKC) and The Rockford Area Museum (RAM). Your help would be sincerely appreciated.

Duties are easy:  Watch supplies and clothing supplies and refill them as needed from material on site.

Stroll through the area raking scattered straw into manageable piles.

Chat with families having a ball building scarecrows and lasting family memories.

This will give you a few hours filled with smiles, laughter, and satisfaction.  You will want to return next year.

Go online to where you can see details about the event including our promotional video made by Rockford’s award winning student TV Studio.

Individuals and groups of students (middle school age and older), parents, teachers, church groups of youths, young adults, and seniors, and scout groups, are all welcome and needed.

At, you can sign up to volunteer by clicking where it says sign up for fun here.  That will take you to the page showing exactly what days and time slots still need help.  Make your choice, and then click submit and sign up at the bottom of the page.  Then enter a name, email address for confirmation, and the number of volunteers from one to the maximum needed from your group to fill the time slot.

If you have any questions, call Al Pratt at 616 485-4144.

The importance of the need for help can’t be overstated. NKC and the RAM depend heavily on donations and this is an important fund raiser that is about to become a regional and national success…if it succeeds.

That success depends on giving visitors a very positive experience.  A shortage of help will make that experience less enjoyable.  Visitors whose experience is not as pleasant as possible will not return and will not tell others to come as well.

Your help and that of other individuals and any groups you know, will be sincerely appreciated.


Thank you