Adventure with a Mycrophile: Mushroom class pops up at the Ikes

This has been an amazing fall for mushrooms, puffballs, and all sorts of fungal wonders. The Izaak Walton League has invited an expert to sort through the local varieties and tell us which ones are delicious, and which are better enjoyed with a camera. Nicole Mathiasz is a knowledgeable forager specializing in mushrooms, with a lifetime of field experience. She just returned from instructing at the Midwest Wild Harvest Festival in Wisconsin.

Mathiasz will have a good variety of samples on hand for you to compare, as she describes their characteristics and how to differentiate them. Where, when, and how they grow will be covered. She is a clear and friendly speaker, so bring your notebooks and your questions if you want to figure out what is mushrooming-up around you.

The event is Sunday afternoon from 2:00 to 3:30, October 14. Find the Izaak Walton League at 5641 Myers Lake Ave., about a half mile north of Cannonsburg Ski Area. The “Ikes” would appreciate a $5 donation at the door from non-members. Or, you are welcome to join the chapter ($62-87) and visit more often! Part of the national IWLA, this local non-profit is dedicated to nurturing a love of the great outdoors, and has 39 acres to explore.